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10 Bizarre Airbnb Places Available for Rent

04/19/2017 at 9:33 | Sarah Harley // Freelance Writer
Photo Credit: Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Looking for an abnormal vacation? Check out this ten weird locations to stay during your next adventure. You will not regret you did!

1. Bow Top Elle Gypsy Wagon Cornwall Located in the United Kingdom is this magical wagon room! Feel like you are a gypsy while you sleep along side of the rolling, green hills of England.

2. Windmill close to Amsterdam Not only is the exterior amazing, but so is the perfectly decorated inside! Located near Amsterdam, you can forget your worries as the wind blows.

3. Dog Bark Park Inn B&B Love dogs? Then this place is definitely for you. Stay inside this giant dog, that also happens to have a puppy-themed interior. Your furry friend will be jealous of your stay.

4. Sioux Tipi on the Waterfall Get a feel for the outdoors with this tipi. Customers staying will have access to a tipi guides as well as a fire pit!

5. Unique artist mirrored house Check yourself from all angles with this decked out mirrored room. Perfect for the self enthusiast inside of you!

6. The Enchanted Cave Looking mighty similar to a Hobbit house, this cave in Australia has all modern fixtures. You'll feel just like Frodo while going on this adventure!

7. The Gypsy Caravan Just in case the first gypsy caravan was not enough for you, here is another one. Located in the back of your host's house, the retro wagon will soothe your nostalgic soul.

8. Headfort House, 60 bed school Have a big family? Or a lot of friends? Well this location would be perfect for you. Why not rent an entire school for your next event.

9. John Steinbeck's Writer's Studio Rent John Steinbeck's writing studio in California. You may feel inspired to sit down and write a novel here!

10. Secluded Intown Treehouse You'll definitely be one with nature at this location! Feel like a disney princess with whimsical lights and enchanting decorations. Sarah Harley is a Hufflepuff living in the NYC area. When she is not talking to random animals or collecting stickers, she is a comedy writer working in television production. Tweet her at @lumpyspacederp

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